Antonio Stanley

Poetry Collection • Portland, Maine


Antonio Stanley was born in Portland, Maine on December 11, 1990. Antonio is an avid writer, designer, and travel enthusiast. This is a collection of his poems spanning 10 years.

Cabin In The Woods

A flurry of white downy flake
From heaven falls when angels shake
Their diamond dusted wings up high
To frost our frozen earthen cake

Wherein the cabin’s warmth I spy
Neath cover of the pearl-grey sky
These deer dash through these woods and hops
Past snow-capped pines before my eye

A fire sizzles, snaps and pops
And smoke pours from the chimney tops
Outside the only sound’s the crack
Of splitting wood in echoed chops

The train of time runs on its track
to bring its freight of starry black
and time rolls on and never back
and time rolls on and never back

Magic In The Wind

Her dark waves dance like magic in the wind,
As misty swirls of sea salt fill my eyes;
Oh my island girl! My princess of peace!
It’s through you I find my every surprise!

Power Of The Peony

If not for you, would the grass ever grow?
Would the sun ever shine? Or the day ever show?
Would the rain fall in cascades of wonder?
Or the soaring skies sound their thunder?
Would the wind blow the willows with feeling?
Or breathe into peonies powers of healing?

One Look

A single look is all it took,
And in me sank your hook,
My world unfurled
And twirled and shook
The ever after to my book.

Wordly Woes

Of all my worldly woes,
None I find as deep as this;
To have a love that grows,
But not a lip to kiss;
Nor any hand to hold,
Or moment I may miss;
No keeping from the cold,
Or song to sing in bliss.

Of all my worldly woes,
None I find as deep as this.


Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanks be to you, Lord above,
For on this day, we pray,

Send us signs and songs of love,
Bless us all, Thanksgiving Day.

Hear this prayer, Higher Power,
And bring the distant near,

Let not the missing hour,
Take away the coming year.

Christmas Snow

Christmas glow,
Christmas snow,
Sugar Flakes upon our shoulder,
So we see,
So we know,
One year passed,
One year older.

Warm with you,
Warm it’s true,
Fires crackle and they smolder,
So we sense,
So we feel,
Once more sweet,
Once more bolder.

Freckles In The Sky

Speckles sparkle,
In your eye,
Like freckles high
In the sky,
In dance they prance,
One and two,
A shooting star,
From me to you.

Find what you love and share it with the world – so that others too feel love in what you do.
Antonio Stanley
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